Barmen gets 4th in a row with a 88-38 rout of Leverkusen

So the last of 2018 left our boys on a good note . winning by 50 vs leverkusen , seeing role players show up and perform great , first official dunk by Y.Franz , a four game winning streak 3-3 to 7-3, and a game out of third place.  so Xmas looks good !! 

The game was more like the tabelle showed , last place team ,who played hard but Barmen was just more athletic and quicker , the starters held Leverkusen to only 6 first quarter points  17-6 lead by B.Sismann w 10 pts . 

2nd quarter , was great to see with the 2nd group at a point of the quarter get hot 2 3 pointers by B.Djuhera and defense commiting turnovers , although Leverkusen best quarter w 17 , Barmen created 26 points for the half and lead by 20 ,43-23. 

the second half was just a runaway , with only 15 points by Leverkusen , Barmen 45 points . 88-38. 

lead by B.Sismann who had 20 points on 9/15 from the field 60% , 2-2 ft . From the bench Niko Höhle had a strong game with 15 points on 7/11 shooting and 5 rebs . His first double digit game of the year. Barmen also got 14 points from the freshman B. Djuhera , who hit two 3pointers in the game . S. Weber finished the game with a double double , 13points ,10 rebounds , 4 blocks , 5 stls . so its good to see scoring from everyone , it shows we have potential from everyone .

next Game 13.1  vs @ Schalke 12:00 pm .   

u16 run thru Schwelm, 102-48 , Dusseldorf, 59-75,

SO TIS THE SEASON !!!   The BOYS !! 6-3 /4th in the tabelle, seem to be playing better, especially from the FT line shoot 59 % 37-62 . first six games was under 50% . Their rhythm is better . we know now a little bit of this season and teams. Although we are sitting in 4th, and with the way the first three teams are, anything can happen, just have to wait and see !! 

Schwelm : well after coming off an very intense close game vs Duisburg, Barmen was not happy and let Schwelm know it blowing them in a 102:48 Rout. Leading the way, Owan Degertas, who dropped 20 points on 9 of 13 from the field, 7 rebs. Congrads Owan for joining the 20 pt club. Barmen was bigger and quicker and controlled the game from the start. these are the opportunities to get points for the tabelle, and we took advantage . 

E.Bodur  18pts ,5 ast , 6 rebs 

S.Weber  17pts , 8 Reb , 5 Blks 

Düsseldorf :  Taking a short trip to the Big City Düsseldorf, the guys didn´t want to go sightseeing or to the old city, they wanted to find the gym, put the shoes on and play !! and that´s how the game started both teams getting an early start with the boys controlling a 6pt lead after the first Q 11-17 . The second quarter no different with a 7 point lead 26-33 going into half. Although the boys were leading, the shooting percentage was down in the 40's (Baskets were Soft) , Rebounds are what saved the guys offensive rebounds !!  2nd half was alot better defensively, getting 7 of our 11 steals and controlling rebounds Barmen held a 3pt win in the 3rd Q and a 6pt win in the 4th and won the game 59-75 . Barmen shot 39% from the field (due to the basket shaking after every bounce from a shot or layup . the foundation was loose ) 

B Sismann : 21 pts  3/4 ft

S.Weber  :   15 pts  9reb , 

E.Bodur  :   10 pts  8/10 ft  6reb ,5 ast/  F.Wehberg :  10pts , 7 reb 

B. Djuhera :  8 pts  2/5 3pt   

Mettmann :   A team we know too well , (played in the summer Mettman Tourny)  a big team but Barmen was much more quicker and started the game on a run and never look backed keeping a 10pt lead thru out the game. 22 points was the highest but then we gave back points " TIS THE SEASON " ! The Boys get the W 83-67 .

S.Weber :   15 pts , 10 Rebs 3blks 

B.Sismann:  21 pts , 2 stls, 2 blks 

E Bodur  :   12pts , 7 rebs , 4 ast

F.Wehberg  : 10pts  O. Degertas  8pts  

Next Game : 16.12  16:00 uhr  Heckinghauser Halle  vs TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen 


u16-1 : late freethrow problems stop barmen short in Duisburg !!

So Saturday Barmen in Duisburg a game that would make moves in the tabelle , came up 5 points from reaching a third place prize . the game was started with Barmen getting points and going up 6-2 , but then Duisburg blows up hitting 4 3 pointers in the quarter and went on a big run finishing the quarter with a 17-24 lead witch Barmen worked on from 10 point difference . Second quarter ,  Barmen playing really good thru out kept it at 7 points until the last 3 mins when Duisburg again hitting 2 threes and creating two steals to go up 15 point and again the boys fought back to within 10 points 27-37. third quarter was even but Barmen got the game to 7 and going into the 4th slowly crept back to get within 2 points in the last 3 mins of the game . but then FTs hurt BTV hitting only 1 out of 6 and Duisburg going ahead by 4 and winning by five 74-80 . so now 3-3 and only 15 point minus in the 3 losses . we are right there . we got the backgames coming so we have another chance !!  

S.Weber / E. Bodur  both with 18 pts, B.Sismann  13pts, P.Schwenteck 11pts, O. Degertas 10pts 

Next Game : Saturday 16:00 Heckinghauser Halle 

u16-1 Essen takes and L 74-62 in the Heck

After a few losses , We didnt change much just needed to work on a few mental situations and timeclock . we know this game has to be a win ! why? because the day before Duisburg loss to Leichlingen . so the guys mindset was there !!
1st Q Barmen right out the gate 8-0 , 15-3, 19-5 . All Essen points were fts . til the 7th min 19-5 . Barmen who has a small back court and young coming off the bench , at times have problems offensively and thats what we are working on in training , but these guys need to learn on there own play . so i expect a slow up in areas . Essen had a little run and the 1st q  23-13 . 
2Q was played pretty evenly barmen playing conservative with a 10 point lead getting 14point in the Q 37-27
second half Barmen went on a run in the 3rd Q 12-2 and was up 53-34 w 4 mins to go , Essen got a mini run to get down to 58-43 . 4thQ barmen coasted keeping a lead and finishing 74-62 . 

B. Sismann   26pts ,  3-4 fts , 4st; E.Bodur        18pts  , 6-7 fts; S.Weber        13pts, 10rebs; O.Degertas    9pts ,  F. Wehberg 5pts

Barmen :   29-62  42%  Shooting   13-22   59%  FTs 

U16-1 games update Goch/ Leichlingen

So alot has happened ! Skills tested ! checkmates made ! intensity from both sides going down to the last minute . hmmm , yeah you could say thats what happened . but a little different . 

7.10 vs Goch at this time both teams were undefeated (2-0) . so its an early big test that could give us a stake in 1st place , both teams knew that .  so 1st Q scoring starts of back and forth until the 8 min then goch took a little run of 10-2 finishing the Q 16-23 .  2nd Q barmen having problems getting points , allowed 8 more point for goch before scoring there next point .  18-30 with7 mins to go .  then Barmen finally gets going and comes back to with 3 point 29-32 and it was 36-39 at the half . the third period was more of the same with barmen winning the Q 17-15 but behind by 1 53-54 . 4th Q barmen started good going up 4 pts but then B. Sismann fouls out 7 mins to go . the guys had made mistakes the whole game but at this point of the game goch was able to come back and hold a 3 point lead into the last two mins . Barmen had chances but just didnt get the lucky roll losing by 4 points 70-74 !   

S. Weber  25pts 10Rebs, E.Bodur   13pts 4ast, B. Sismann / O. Degertas both with 9pts  3stls 

Vs Leichlingen  

 This game was one of those games that no matter what you do it will always be 5-6 type of feeling ! I can say that from the game itself our guys played great! We played our game, we can score ,rebound, defend , we played a super 4th quarter, but then that ghost player took the fun out the game  (i think for both teams) .  i wont go into detail but here is the statistiks: 84-79 Leichlingen  

Barmen was 34/62 52%  shooting,  8/13  62%  FTs  / S.Weber lead the way with 35pts  shooing 16-20 80% , 3-3 100% ft , 9rebs, /B.Sismann had  24pts shooting 10-14 (13pt) for 71% also giving out 5 ast 


U16 HOLD IT DOWN in Kamp-Lintfort in OT!

Ok , yeah sorry for the late story , but we've been getting ready! .....

We'll last Sunday the guys travelled to Kamp-Lintfort (uncharted territory) , Lintfort Big at a few positons , one refereee, away game , the list could go on. BUT these guys go in and played a one hell of a game , overcoming size with quickness and defense . with only 19 first quarter points and giving 17 to linfort. as the second quarter started barmen goes up 4 and carried that the most of the period and having a 6 point lead 25-31 .  Third quarter, both teams play pretty equally , Lintfort played a pick and roll and barmen used miss matches and contained a 45-37 lead going into the 4th . then Lintfort caught a run and got within 4 points before barmen used a timeout . with 2 mins to go the game became tied and played til 0.2 sec when barmen tried a Ally Oop that almost won the game . but we go to OT . Barmen took control and continued to rebound and finished the OT w a 7 -12 w giving them a 59-64 win 

So why Are we Getting ready ?! Because we shot a very bad 38% from the field and 40% from the FT line . we have to do Better! I know we can do better!! 

The next game is an Early game for position in the tabelle !! vs Goch who is currently in first place . Again Uncharted Territory , Mentally Ready we need to be. 


Goch 145 pts/Barmen  65 pts = both 2-0 

       Both played Dorsten   Goch won with a bigger point spread . 

       Barmen overcoming win on the Road / goch played vs leverkusen an Easy game 

so we will see ! 7.10 16:00 heckenhauser !