u16M 4 game report 3-1 4th place

this year ,with only 3 players from last year , this season is a remodeling year with a whole new group coming together from u 16-2 and 3 u14 players . so summer was a system learning type of workout . having split 2 test games 1-1 Barmen had the Pokal games but coming up short to an better Dortmund team . But that was a good thing for us cause that loss got us ready for the year . 

I was not sure what to expect in the league this year , last year the kids were Big and i thought it would be very hard for us to win . and it is hard . the Boys have to play . But after playing  Duisburg W, Kamp-linfort ( 2 teams from last yr), and Duisburg Baskets , the league might be looking at us about who has the Big man .

Barmen has 4 bigman (PF,C)  

Sean Nnabue (C)  6'4  8 PPG , 8 RPG ,  playing only 2 games , the 1st game of the yr vs Duisburg W . Sean played only the 1st half after spraining his ankle . so he was out for 2 games . but he finished with 10 pts and 7 rebs . 

Vlad Statsevich (F)  6'1  21.3 PPG,  6.2 RPG ,  48/37 FGs 77%  . Vlad is one of our guys from last years team. he has been efficient playing at the PF position , with great post moves and fakes , he creates spaces to score and draws fouls as well . he will also play a little bit farther from the basket on the wing at times . 

Kaan Kilic (PF,C)  6'2   9.8 PPG,  8 RPG ,  34/17 FGs 50% . Kaan is Long and Swift , sometimes too Swift . he very Active around the basket and he can score when he gets going. he will have a solid year . 

Eric Burmitskij  (C)  6'3  3.3 PPG ,  6.5 RPG .  Eric is a strong BIG!! "BRICKWALL" !!! where Athleticism lacks , muscle and strength shows itself. He has filled in the middle very well . Especially the game in Uderingen vs a Big and quick team he pulls down 6 Rebs.  Eric is still learning and he will have a breakout game soon . 


2 Swing Forwards  (SF)

Benny Djuhera (SF)  6'1  23.3 PPG,  26/14 FGs  54% ,  27/13 3PTs  48% ,  2 SPG . Benny has taken the role of Leader this year . coming out confidient and shooting the ball well . he had dropped  20, 24, 26 pts in all 3 games he has played . he is an all around player that can shoot . we just have to keep Benny's head cool and he will have a great year . 

Marc Lütters (SF)  6'0  5.0 PPG , 10/7 FGs 70% . a solid defender and husler. Marc gives 100% for the time he is in there . jumping for lose balls , getting a steal or help on a steal . this summer he worked on his shot , and he has hit 70% of his shots . hopefully he can become more of a two-way defender .

5 Guards  (G,PG) 

Niko Apostrolakis (G) 5'9  5.3 PPG , 2.0 SPG . Niko a quick slashy big guard who can get to the basket . he is truly a point guard but will play alot of off guard and SF. should have a good year .

Lobe Odennel (G) 5'8  4.7 PPG , 10/5 FGs 50% , 2 BPG . Odo has the skill set , he is quick , a little frail, but quick  and can shoot when he is confident . He also has a thing for blocking shots for a guard .  he should have a outcoming game soon

Luke Huber  (PG) 5'7  4.3 PPG , 4.3 APG , 1.5 SPG . Luke is the General running the point this year . he has came right in and made plays to others . 4 assist a game is great to see. keep it going Luke !

 2 Freshman ( last yr u14) 

Maceo Gulich (G) 5'6  6.5 PPG , 2.2 APG . Maceo has already shown he is ready this year . he just need to get a little more stronger . He shoot the ball very confidently and he has good eyesight on the floor . he will fill the Guard positon in very well this season and watch out next year .

Alex Kakos (G) 5'6  5.3 PPG . Alex is coming in the game and adjusting pretty well . i think a few games more and we will see a different and more efficient Alex . he can shoot the ball when he is open . the problem is he just a little small . but he will learn how to create space . 

Barmen   3-1  4th place  207/112 FGs 54%, 79/39  FTs 49% ,  52/20 3PTs 38% , 14.7 APG , 35 RPG, 6 BPG, 9 SPG

Duisburg W  66-81

Kamp-Lintfort  86-55

Uerdingen  107-55 L 

Duisburg  99-46