Leichlingen Hold off Barmen in DOUBLE OT!! 78-82

Hearing this now will never explain the atmosphere in the gym for this game , the energy , motivation , the Drive , heart , sweat , the anticipation of what the end result will be. But I was a part of the elements mentioned above . Our Boys were part of that !! Leichlingen was a part of that .  !3-1 (1st in the liga ) (last game was 84-79 w vs BTV  , a very close game thruout ). 

So Game 2 , in the Heck!! just too bad no one really saw this game , the hall was no at all will spectators , except for the families of the team . But this was the Game of the Year So far or the boys !

First Q : both Teams feeling eachother out back and forth , Barmen applying good D as Leichlingen tried working the pick and roll with the duo #7 Eref  J. pg, / #13 Witerwye B c. ( spelling could be wrong cause the game info was writting to light )  But the two worked this basically the whole game , so the first quarter we defended it well , offensively Sid Weber , started out well shooting 3/5 and grabbing 5 rebs  , (11 in the Q) . shooting for both teams was not good  Btv 5/18 and Leichlingen missed alot too.   1st Q  10-12 .

2nd , Barmen comeout and played hard with some outstanding rebounding with 17 in the second with 8 rebounds from Yannick Franz alone.   Niko Höhle ,who is a PG backup got the start this game and in the second he got warm with a few baskets and some good defense . B Sismann as well finally got to the basket for a couple after a bad first quarter only hitting 1/6. the quarter was back and forth , really it was a chessmatch thruout .  halftime  25-29 . 

3rd ,  ok Barmen comes out the half and gets going starting a 6-0 run take the lead 31-29 , then 2 ft from Leichlingen to tie and then btv went on another 4 pt run but Leichlingen was right there  41-37 . E.Bodur , finally wakes up after a shaky 1st half with 3 turnovers . he gives BTV 6 pts in the quarter and 3 assists . P.Schwenteck played BIG getting 4 pts and 3 rebs in the quarter .  3rdQ  47-45 .

4th ,  Leichlingen get the q started with a FT's and tied the game up 47-47. B. Djuhera Drops a 3pt , but leichlingen got 6 pts  right after . P. Schwenteck gets a and 1 and makes the freethrow and S.Weber get 2 pts . 53-53 . BTV had Leichlingen on there toes but #7 from Leichlingen kept them in the game this game went down to the wire . Barmen had two GREAT CHANCES to end it but no luck ! 65-65  We go to Overtime 

OT 1  BTV goes up 3 pts and Leichlingen get 2 baskets from #13  the period goes down til the last second when N.Höhle knocks in the tieing baskets at 72-72 . 

OT 2  Both teams tired , exhausted Leichlingen got a 6-0 run before Barmen scored 74-79  with 2 min to go . Barmen gor 4 more points but it was not enough as Leichlingen made 3/6 from free throws to hold off BTV  78-82. 

First off I have to say thanks to the team from Leichlingen , a top notch team . both of us trainers were on pins and needles trying to win this one . As much as its hurts to lose a close one like that , I´m proud of my kids! they played hard . its good to see how we match up against teams who have access to players from higher divisions . Good Confidence Builder ! 

S. Weber  32pts , 18 rebs  ( Career high ) , 3stls -  P. Schwenteck  12pts, 6rebs , 4/5 FTs , 2blks - E.Bodur   12pts , 3 ast , 5rebs - Y Franz     19 rebs Career high - B. Sismann  11pts , 6stls 

Barmen : 35/87  40% , 52 rebs, 7 blks , 15 stls , FTs  5/12 42%,  16TO 

Leichlingen  #7  22pts ,#13 22pts , 8 20pts