The boys make the trip to Goch worth it 71-80 upset WIN !

Ok in a weeks time and a 1/15 min trip to the border of Holland, after a 32 pt loss in last weeks game at home, the boys had a chip on their shoulders, embarassed and outplayed, they made a turnaround in Goch. Taking this game and control of the 1-1 points by +5 if needed later in the season . 71-80 was the end result and although Goch (13-2 ) didnt have their big player for this game , still had big boys and played to win. so we take our hats off to Goch and good luck the rest of the season . !!
The game :
!st Q : Game starts in Barmen favor, getting the first two buckets before Goch hit a 3 pt , then Barmen hat a few FTs to capitalize, but only got 1/4 but started a slow run getting a 7-13 lead by the 5 min mark and a timeout by BTV. E. Bodur lead the charge getting 6 pts, but then Goch after the timeout gets a run of their own going on a 15-0  with different scorers and took a 22-13 lead before 4 pts (8pts in the Q)  from B.Sismann to close the Q 22-17 .
2nd Q : Barmen takes a stronghold on the 2nd, fighting back little by little , getiing 4 points here and then a stop and another point , closing the gap to 3 points by the 17th min..  J. Albers from Goch got hot getting 3 consecutive baskets in the fight keeping the 3 point lead. Barmen with only 9 players at the game , were playing with the second team during the quarter , played SUPERB ! P. Schwenteck , N. Höhle, V Statsevich, and L. Huber , was a great backup keeping Goch on their toes, with Defense and a few great plays and a GAME CHANGER 3pt from Huber in the 19th minute put Barmen down by 2 points . the last minute Goch gets 2 pts from F. Strodt and B.Bismann (BTV) scores  36-34 , 1.9 sec . Goch goes to sleep and throw the ball in to end the quarter and F. Wehberg Steals and shoots and makes the basket at the buzzer to tie the up at 36-36.
3rd Q : Barmen with energy start off with a 12-4 pt run going up 40-48 at the 25th min , Goch a little bit schocked , missing some easy shots finally get to the ft line, but from there it was not a good day, for the next 3 mins Goch had 7 chances but only were able to make 3 pts from the line . Barmen  get 4 more points  45-52 before finally Goch ( Albers ) hit a 3pt to keep it close 48-52 . the two teams play out the quarter going back and forth with the boys Holding a 3 pt lead . 57-60 . Y. Franz (C), made 3 crutial baskets in the quarter for BTV . E. Bodur also with 6 pts and a Super Between the Legs Assist to Schwenteck for 2pts .
4th Q : Barmen Seeing the light , but still had 10 mins of work to do before any celebrating was gonna happen . Buckled down and played one Hell of a quarter , P. Schwenteck  (PF,C) pushes the lead to 6 with 2 baskets to start the quarter . We havent heart from S.Weber the whole game who was only w 3 pts until this ft in the 4th Q at the 32 min to give BTV 58-65 lead. Goch comes back with 5 pts from #10 F. Strodt layup and 3pt to cut it to 63-65 . and that was the last for Goch , as Barmen goes on a 11 -0 run 63-76 getting  2 3pts from Wehberg and Weber . Weber finished off the quarter with 9 of his 14 points socring the last 4 points to end the game with BTV 71-80 win . Next week is Leichlingen (1st pl, 13-1) we lost first game by 5pts . Get Ready For a Great Game !! 10.2 ,16:00 Hecking-hauser Halle

B.Sismann   20pts , 3stls - S.Weber  14pts , 8 rebs , 2blks - S.Bodur 12pts, 5 rebs - F.Wehberg   11pts,  3 ast - P.Schwenteck  10 pts, 7 rebs - N. Höhle (pg)    6 rebs 

BTV   34/68 fg  50%  ,   3/8 ft   38%     3/5 3pt 60%  , Huber, Wehberg, Weber .