Kamp Lintfort shut down Bigs in the house 45-77

So , what was supposed to be the game of the week turned into a mental break down for the boys . Barmen who are 1st in defense in the liga, didnt show up against Kamp Linfort game number 2 between the teams . The first game was an Over-time thriller in which the Boys won by 15 pts . SO WHAT WENT WRONG ?  Well there is a English word " Cocky " , ( a form of Selfish) . Barmen was 6-0 since the loss to Duisburg early in the year . No motivation was present
Linfort blew out Barmen in the first quarter and never looked back  5-17.  Barmen only getting 17 first half points , could not do anything inside only getting 23 rebounds for the game ( avg  38 ) . 17-35 half.
The third Q was the only bright spot for Barmen who started looking like themselves again , but by this time it was way too late . Lintfort had a comfortable 30 pt lead to win 45-77.

Barmen shot 36% from the field, and 38% form FT . and having more turnovers than assists is a good recipe for an OLD FASHION BUT KICKING  !! So chances for any 1st place trophy are far and slim for this year, but still are alot of games left . Next week Goch  (in Goch).
So we will get Ready !

B. Sismann (Pg)   14pts - E. Bodur (Sg)      10pts - F. Wehberg (Sg)    9pts