u16-1M get 30 points in Schalke 47-77 (Half Season Update and Stats )

So to finish off half the Season , the boys went to the Big Name football Club Schalke. where they also have a Basketball Division . One of our guys over the summer tried for the JBBL team at Schalke , but the team didnt qualify . So seeing the Tabelle at the moment schalke is in the lower pack of teams . 

Game time : the first few mins started off pretty even , teams feeling eachother out then Barmen started to take charge 11-14 . then at the 8 th minute go on a 8-0 run 11-22 , 13-22 quarter . 2nd quarter was the same output getting 11 points from O. Degertas in 5 mins . S Monticciolo also coming off the bench , got hot playing all around ball , putting up 6 points in a row , getting rebounds , and a block in the same 5 mins of play. this ignited the guys and they played a defensive quarter onlt giving schalke 5 points at half  18-45 . Third quarter after pretty much of the damage was done in the blowout , schalke finally started to wake up , although Barmen was bigger quick and played more unified , schalke competed finishing 13-16 only a 3 pt loss . fourth quarter the score was even 16-16 .our guys played a little laid back and had fun . finishing 47-77 and holding fourth place in the tabelle. 

O.Degertas  18 pts , 7 rebs , 2 blks ,  FG% 78 , FT% 80  

S. Weber     13 pts , 10 rebs , 2 blks, 5 stls 

S. Monticciolo  10 pts , 2 blks, 2 stls, 

So at the half way point here is where we are , Points  886 offensive 4th in the League - 658 Defensive 1st in the league   228 point difference , We are a very good Defensive Team  avg rebs are 39% a game , blks are 7% a game, and stls are 13% a game . the 3 games we lost were all very close games  Goch  70-74 (4), Leichlingen  84-79 (5), Duisburg 80-74 (6).

Offensive : We have scorers , leading the way is Sid Weber who is almost averaging a double double with points and rebounds   17.8 points a game and 9.1 rebounds and has already reached the 100 rebound mark . Berk Sismann, who is a very close 2nd has 17.3 points a game , shooting a fantastic 75% from the Foul line making 21-28. also leads the team in steals averaging 2.36 a game . Ennis Bodur , third in scoring , produces 13 pts a game , and leads with Assist with almost 4 a game . O. Degertas has also an impact after the last game vs Schalke , his average is now 10 points a game .

the role players : Finn Wehberg , who is now in the Starting lineup has produced more and i believe we will see a big game from him soon , Sammy Monticciolo , has shown more on the defensive side of the ball , which is superb, Paul Schwenteck , another bigman who plays hard , he fits in on both forward and post . Yannick Franz , (STRETCH) Good Center in the middle , very active around the basket . He is starting to excel offensively , now Dunking the Ball i think we will see more !!

The Freshman : Vlad Statsevich , With minimum minutes he makes the best of it , learning in training , averaging  2pts and 2 reb a game , he doing great !  Benny Djuhera , The Sharp Shooter ! , who leads in 3points made with 6th . we set up alot of plays for him to get shots now . that how much he has worked and got better and more relaxed with his shot , and its paying off !! 

so the next Game is Today vs Dorsten at 1 pm. We will have More for ya in a few Days !