U16-1 games update Goch/ Leichlingen

So alot has happened ! Skills tested ! checkmates made ! intensity from both sides going down to the last minute . hmmm , yeah you could say thats what happened . but a little different . 

7.10 vs Goch at this time both teams were undefeated (2-0) . so its an early big test that could give us a stake in 1st place , both teams knew that .  so 1st Q scoring starts of back and forth until the 8 min then goch took a little run of 10-2 finishing the Q 16-23 .  2nd Q barmen having problems getting points , allowed 8 more point for goch before scoring there next point .  18-30 with7 mins to go .  then Barmen finally gets going and comes back to with 3 point 29-32 and it was 36-39 at the half . the third period was more of the same with barmen winning the Q 17-15 but behind by 1 53-54 . 4th Q barmen started good going up 4 pts but then B. Sismann fouls out 7 mins to go . the guys had made mistakes the whole game but at this point of the game goch was able to come back and hold a 3 point lead into the last two mins . Barmen had chances but just didnt get the lucky roll losing by 4 points 70-74 !   

S. Weber  25pts 10Rebs, E.Bodur   13pts 4ast, B. Sismann / O. Degertas both with 9pts  3stls 

Vs Leichlingen  

 This game was one of those games that no matter what you do it will always be 5-6 type of feeling ! I can say that from the game itself our guys played great! We played our game, we can score ,rebound, defend , we played a super 4th quarter, but then that ghost player took the fun out the game  (i think for both teams) .  i wont go into detail but here is the statistiks: 84-79 Leichlingen  

Barmen was 34/62 52%  shooting,  8/13  62%  FTs  / S.Weber lead the way with 35pts  shooing 16-20 80% , 3-3 100% ft , 9rebs, /B.Sismann had  24pts shooting 10-14 (13pt) for 71% also giving out 5 ast