U16 HOLD IT DOWN in Kamp-Lintfort in OT!

Ok , yeah sorry for the late story , but we've been getting ready! .....

We'll last Sunday the guys travelled to Kamp-Lintfort (uncharted territory) , Lintfort Big at a few positons , one refereee, away game , the list could go on. BUT these guys go in and played a one hell of a game , overcoming size with quickness and defense . with only 19 first quarter points and giving 17 to linfort. as the second quarter started barmen goes up 4 and carried that the most of the period and having a 6 point lead 25-31 .  Third quarter, both teams play pretty equally , Lintfort played a pick and roll and barmen used miss matches and contained a 45-37 lead going into the 4th . then Lintfort caught a run and got within 4 points before barmen used a timeout . with 2 mins to go the game became tied and played til 0.2 sec when barmen tried a Ally Oop that almost won the game . but we go to OT . Barmen took control and continued to rebound and finished the OT w a 7 -12 w giving them a 59-64 win 

So why Are we Getting ready ?! Because we shot a very bad 38% from the field and 40% from the FT line . we have to do Better! I know we can do better!! 

The next game is an Early game for position in the tabelle !! vs Goch who is currently in first place . Again Uncharted Territory , Mentally Ready we need to be. 


Goch 145 pts/Barmen  65 pts = both 2-0 

       Both played Dorsten   Goch won with a bigger point spread . 

       Barmen overcoming win on the Road / goch played vs leverkusen an Easy game 

so we will see ! 7.10 16:00 heckenhauser !