u16M 4 game report 3-1 4th place

this year ,with only 3 players from last year , this season is a remodeling year with a whole new group coming together from u 16-2 and 3 u14 players . so summer was a system learning type of workout . having split 2 test games 1-1 Barmen had the Pokal games but coming up short to an better Dortmund team . But that was a good thing for us cause that loss got us ready for the year . 

I was not sure what to expect in the league this year , last year the kids were Big and i thought it would be very hard for us to win . and it is hard . the Boys have to play . But after playing  Duisburg W, Kamp-linfort ( 2 teams from last yr), and Duisburg Baskets , the league might be looking at us about who has the Big man .

Barmen has 4 bigman (PF,C)  

Sean Nnabue (C)  6'4  8 PPG , 8 RPG ,  playing only 2 games , the 1st game of the yr vs Duisburg W . Sean played only the 1st half after spraining his ankle . so he was out for 2 games . but he finished with 10 pts and 7 rebs . 

Vlad Statsevich (F)  6'1  21.3 PPG,  6.2 RPG ,  48/37 FGs 77%  . Vlad is one of our guys from last years team. he has been efficient playing at the PF position , with great post moves and fakes , he creates spaces to score and draws fouls as well . he will also play a little bit farther from the basket on the wing at times . 

Kaan Kilic (PF,C)  6'2   9.8 PPG,  8 RPG ,  34/17 FGs 50% . Kaan is Long and Swift , sometimes too Swift . he very Active around the basket and he can score when he gets going. he will have a solid year . 

Eric Burmitskij  (C)  6'3  3.3 PPG ,  6.5 RPG .  Eric is a strong BIG!! "BRICKWALL" !!! where Athleticism lacks , muscle and strength shows itself. He has filled in the middle very well . Especially the game in Uderingen vs a Big and quick team he pulls down 6 Rebs.  Eric is still learning and he will have a breakout game soon . 


2 Swing Forwards  (SF)

Benny Djuhera (SF)  6'1  23.3 PPG,  26/14 FGs  54% ,  27/13 3PTs  48% ,  2 SPG . Benny has taken the role of Leader this year . coming out confidient and shooting the ball well . he had dropped  20, 24, 26 pts in all 3 games he has played . he is an all around player that can shoot . we just have to keep Benny's head cool and he will have a great year . 

Marc Lütters (SF)  6'0  5.0 PPG , 10/7 FGs 70% . a solid defender and husler. Marc gives 100% for the time he is in there . jumping for lose balls , getting a steal or help on a steal . this summer he worked on his shot , and he has hit 70% of his shots . hopefully he can become more of a two-way defender .

5 Guards  (G,PG) 

Niko Apostrolakis (G) 5'9  5.3 PPG , 2.0 SPG . Niko a quick slashy big guard who can get to the basket . he is truly a point guard but will play alot of off guard and SF. should have a good year .

Lobe Odennel (G) 5'8  4.7 PPG , 10/5 FGs 50% , 2 BPG . Odo has the skill set , he is quick , a little frail, but quick  and can shoot when he is confident . He also has a thing for blocking shots for a guard .  he should have a outcoming game soon

Luke Huber  (PG) 5'7  4.3 PPG , 4.3 APG , 1.5 SPG . Luke is the General running the point this year . he has came right in and made plays to others . 4 assist a game is great to see. keep it going Luke !

 2 Freshman ( last yr u14) 

Maceo Gulich (G) 5'6  6.5 PPG , 2.2 APG . Maceo has already shown he is ready this year . he just need to get a little more stronger . He shoot the ball very confidently and he has good eyesight on the floor . he will fill the Guard positon in very well this season and watch out next year .

Alex Kakos (G) 5'6  5.3 PPG . Alex is coming in the game and adjusting pretty well . i think a few games more and we will see a different and more efficient Alex . he can shoot the ball when he is open . the problem is he just a little small . but he will learn how to create space . 

Barmen   3-1  4th place  207/112 FGs 54%, 79/39  FTs 49% ,  52/20 3PTs 38% , 14.7 APG , 35 RPG, 6 BPG, 9 SPG

Duisburg W  66-81

Kamp-Lintfort  86-55

Uerdingen  107-55 L 

Duisburg  99-46 


Leichlingen Hold off Barmen in DOUBLE OT!! 78-82

Hearing this now will never explain the atmosphere in the gym for this game , the energy , motivation , the Drive , heart , sweat , the anticipation of what the end result will be. But I was a part of the elements mentioned above . Our Boys were part of that !! Leichlingen was a part of that .  !3-1 (1st in the liga ) (last game was 84-79 w vs BTV  , a very close game thruout ). 

So Game 2 , in the Heck!! just too bad no one really saw this game , the hall was no at all will spectators , except for the families of the team . But this was the Game of the Year So far or the boys !

First Q : both Teams feeling eachother out back and forth , Barmen applying good D as Leichlingen tried working the pick and roll with the duo #7 Eref  J. pg, / #13 Witerwye B c. ( spelling could be wrong cause the game info was writting to light )  But the two worked this basically the whole game , so the first quarter we defended it well , offensively Sid Weber , started out well shooting 3/5 and grabbing 5 rebs  , (11 in the Q) . shooting for both teams was not good  Btv 5/18 and Leichlingen missed alot too.   1st Q  10-12 .

2nd , Barmen comeout and played hard with some outstanding rebounding with 17 in the second with 8 rebounds from Yannick Franz alone.   Niko Höhle ,who is a PG backup got the start this game and in the second he got warm with a few baskets and some good defense . B Sismann as well finally got to the basket for a couple after a bad first quarter only hitting 1/6. the quarter was back and forth , really it was a chessmatch thruout .  halftime  25-29 . 

3rd ,  ok Barmen comes out the half and gets going starting a 6-0 run take the lead 31-29 , then 2 ft from Leichlingen to tie and then btv went on another 4 pt run but Leichlingen was right there  41-37 . E.Bodur , finally wakes up after a shaky 1st half with 3 turnovers . he gives BTV 6 pts in the quarter and 3 assists . P.Schwenteck played BIG getting 4 pts and 3 rebs in the quarter .  3rdQ  47-45 .

4th ,  Leichlingen get the q started with a FT's and tied the game up 47-47. B. Djuhera Drops a 3pt , but leichlingen got 6 pts  right after . P. Schwenteck gets a and 1 and makes the freethrow and S.Weber get 2 pts . 53-53 . BTV had Leichlingen on there toes but #7 from Leichlingen kept them in the game this game went down to the wire . Barmen had two GREAT CHANCES to end it but no luck ! 65-65  We go to Overtime 

OT 1  BTV goes up 3 pts and Leichlingen get 2 baskets from #13  the period goes down til the last second when N.Höhle knocks in the tieing baskets at 72-72 . 

OT 2  Both teams tired , exhausted Leichlingen got a 6-0 run before Barmen scored 74-79  with 2 min to go . Barmen gor 4 more points but it was not enough as Leichlingen made 3/6 from free throws to hold off BTV  78-82. 

First off I have to say thanks to the team from Leichlingen , a top notch team . both of us trainers were on pins and needles trying to win this one . As much as its hurts to lose a close one like that , I´m proud of my kids! they played hard . its good to see how we match up against teams who have access to players from higher divisions . Good Confidence Builder ! 

S. Weber  32pts , 18 rebs  ( Career high ) , 3stls -  P. Schwenteck  12pts, 6rebs , 4/5 FTs , 2blks - E.Bodur   12pts , 3 ast , 5rebs - Y Franz     19 rebs Career high - B. Sismann  11pts , 6stls 

Barmen : 35/87  40% , 52 rebs, 7 blks , 15 stls , FTs  5/12 42%,  16TO 

Leichlingen  #7  22pts ,#13 22pts , 8 20pts 


The boys make the trip to Goch worth it 71-80 upset WIN !

Ok in a weeks time and a 1/15 min trip to the border of Holland, after a 32 pt loss in last weeks game at home, the boys had a chip on their shoulders, embarassed and outplayed, they made a turnaround in Goch. Taking this game and control of the 1-1 points by +5 if needed later in the season . 71-80 was the end result and although Goch (13-2 ) didnt have their big player for this game , still had big boys and played to win. so we take our hats off to Goch and good luck the rest of the season . !!
The game :
!st Q : Game starts in Barmen favor, getting the first two buckets before Goch hit a 3 pt , then Barmen hat a few FTs to capitalize, but only got 1/4 but started a slow run getting a 7-13 lead by the 5 min mark and a timeout by BTV. E. Bodur lead the charge getting 6 pts, but then Goch after the timeout gets a run of their own going on a 15-0  with different scorers and took a 22-13 lead before 4 pts (8pts in the Q)  from B.Sismann to close the Q 22-17 .
2nd Q : Barmen takes a stronghold on the 2nd, fighting back little by little , getiing 4 points here and then a stop and another point , closing the gap to 3 points by the 17th min..  J. Albers from Goch got hot getting 3 consecutive baskets in the fight keeping the 3 point lead. Barmen with only 9 players at the game , were playing with the second team during the quarter , played SUPERB ! P. Schwenteck , N. Höhle, V Statsevich, and L. Huber , was a great backup keeping Goch on their toes, with Defense and a few great plays and a GAME CHANGER 3pt from Huber in the 19th minute put Barmen down by 2 points . the last minute Goch gets 2 pts from F. Strodt and B.Bismann (BTV) scores  36-34 , 1.9 sec . Goch goes to sleep and throw the ball in to end the quarter and F. Wehberg Steals and shoots and makes the basket at the buzzer to tie the up at 36-36.
3rd Q : Barmen with energy start off with a 12-4 pt run going up 40-48 at the 25th min , Goch a little bit schocked , missing some easy shots finally get to the ft line, but from there it was not a good day, for the next 3 mins Goch had 7 chances but only were able to make 3 pts from the line . Barmen  get 4 more points  45-52 before finally Goch ( Albers ) hit a 3pt to keep it close 48-52 . the two teams play out the quarter going back and forth with the boys Holding a 3 pt lead . 57-60 . Y. Franz (C), made 3 crutial baskets in the quarter for BTV . E. Bodur also with 6 pts and a Super Between the Legs Assist to Schwenteck for 2pts .
4th Q : Barmen Seeing the light , but still had 10 mins of work to do before any celebrating was gonna happen . Buckled down and played one Hell of a quarter , P. Schwenteck  (PF,C) pushes the lead to 6 with 2 baskets to start the quarter . We havent heart from S.Weber the whole game who was only w 3 pts until this ft in the 4th Q at the 32 min to give BTV 58-65 lead. Goch comes back with 5 pts from #10 F. Strodt layup and 3pt to cut it to 63-65 . and that was the last for Goch , as Barmen goes on a 11 -0 run 63-76 getting  2 3pts from Wehberg and Weber . Weber finished off the quarter with 9 of his 14 points socring the last 4 points to end the game with BTV 71-80 win . Next week is Leichlingen (1st pl, 13-1) we lost first game by 5pts . Get Ready For a Great Game !! 10.2 ,16:00 Hecking-hauser Halle

B.Sismann   20pts , 3stls - S.Weber  14pts , 8 rebs , 2blks - S.Bodur 12pts, 5 rebs - F.Wehberg   11pts,  3 ast - P.Schwenteck  10 pts, 7 rebs - N. Höhle (pg)    6 rebs 

BTV   34/68 fg  50%  ,   3/8 ft   38%     3/5 3pt 60%  , Huber, Wehberg, Weber . 


Kamp Lintfort shut down Bigs in the house 45-77

So , what was supposed to be the game of the week turned into a mental break down for the boys . Barmen who are 1st in defense in the liga, didnt show up against Kamp Linfort game number 2 between the teams . The first game was an Over-time thriller in which the Boys won by 15 pts . SO WHAT WENT WRONG ?  Well there is a English word " Cocky " , ( a form of Selfish) . Barmen was 6-0 since the loss to Duisburg early in the year . No motivation was present
Linfort blew out Barmen in the first quarter and never looked back  5-17.  Barmen only getting 17 first half points , could not do anything inside only getting 23 rebounds for the game ( avg  38 ) . 17-35 half.
The third Q was the only bright spot for Barmen who started looking like themselves again , but by this time it was way too late . Lintfort had a comfortable 30 pt lead to win 45-77.

Barmen shot 36% from the field, and 38% form FT . and having more turnovers than assists is a good recipe for an OLD FASHION BUT KICKING  !! So chances for any 1st place trophy are far and slim for this year, but still are alot of games left . Next week Goch  (in Goch).
So we will get Ready !

B. Sismann (Pg)   14pts - E. Bodur (Sg)      10pts - F. Wehberg (Sg)    9pts  

prep game wasnt so preppy !! boys get only 13 in dorsten 63-76

Ok i know its hard to get PUMPED for a game , when you already played the team and you won by so much that the game wasnt interesting anymore . on top of that , you have to drive 1 hr by car for a 1 pm afternoon game . I KNOW I GET IT ! 

BUT, what if it was the other way around , and Dorsten wanted to get back at Barmen for the 60 point blowout on the first game of the year !! ??? HMM well thats what happened on Saturday in Dorsten Arena . To accomplish 23 more points then in the first game is a confidence builder for Dorsten although the Boys won the game , its shows they still have the fire to play ! So good luck Dorsten !. 

Now to the game , 

The boys knew they were the favorite going in , and mentally they showed it and it didnt show a good result . 42% FGs for the game so we missed alot of shots again . 1st quarter was let by Sid Weber who shot 4/6 and 1 3pt finished with 9 pts , and help from help from the starting group gave BTV a few runs in the first . But only see Dorsten get free once or twice and hurt us from 3pt land . first quarter  15-20 Barmen . 

2nd quarter , was an even quarter with Barmen winning by 2 pts , Dorsten tied the game at the 18th minute , but then Barmen goes on a 8-0 run to finish at half 19-21 Q  34-41 . 

3rd Q was only a 4 pt win for the boys , again good play from the guys , but you could see a team who wanted it more , and a team who was complacent . yes Barmen was winning but Dorsten wasnt giving up . Barmen was smart using Miss matches to get easy points , Ennis Bodur got 6 points in the 3rd from the post . Barmen up 11 49-60 

4th Q Barmen played to weather the little Storm Dorsten tried to put together , they to got the game to within 7 points 59-66, then O.Degertas goes on a 5-0 run hitting 2 shots and a FT. and the trio of Weber , Bodur , Sismann kept the lead to win the game by 13pts . 63-76. 

a win is a win , but we know we can do alot better . !! 

S.Weber  19pts , 9 reb ,blk (1-1 3pt)

E.Bodur   17pts, 6 reb , 3 ast 

B. Sismann 13pts , 6 reb, 4 ast, 4 stls 



u16-1M get 30 points in Schalke 47-77 (Half Season Update and Stats )

So to finish off half the Season , the boys went to the Big Name football Club Schalke. where they also have a Basketball Division . One of our guys over the summer tried for the JBBL team at Schalke , but the team didnt qualify . So seeing the Tabelle at the moment schalke is in the lower pack of teams . 

Game time : the first few mins started off pretty even , teams feeling eachother out then Barmen started to take charge 11-14 . then at the 8 th minute go on a 8-0 run 11-22 , 13-22 quarter . 2nd quarter was the same output getting 11 points from O. Degertas in 5 mins . S Monticciolo also coming off the bench , got hot playing all around ball , putting up 6 points in a row , getting rebounds , and a block in the same 5 mins of play. this ignited the guys and they played a defensive quarter onlt giving schalke 5 points at half  18-45 . Third quarter after pretty much of the damage was done in the blowout , schalke finally started to wake up , although Barmen was bigger quick and played more unified , schalke competed finishing 13-16 only a 3 pt loss . fourth quarter the score was even 16-16 .our guys played a little laid back and had fun . finishing 47-77 and holding fourth place in the tabelle. 

O.Degertas  18 pts , 7 rebs , 2 blks ,  FG% 78 , FT% 80  

S. Weber     13 pts , 10 rebs , 2 blks, 5 stls 

S. Monticciolo  10 pts , 2 blks, 2 stls, 

So at the half way point here is where we are , Points  886 offensive 4th in the League - 658 Defensive 1st in the league   228 point difference , We are a very good Defensive Team  avg rebs are 39% a game , blks are 7% a game, and stls are 13% a game . the 3 games we lost were all very close games  Goch  70-74 (4), Leichlingen  84-79 (5), Duisburg 80-74 (6).

Offensive : We have scorers , leading the way is Sid Weber who is almost averaging a double double with points and rebounds   17.8 points a game and 9.1 rebounds and has already reached the 100 rebound mark . Berk Sismann, who is a very close 2nd has 17.3 points a game , shooting a fantastic 75% from the Foul line making 21-28. also leads the team in steals averaging 2.36 a game . Ennis Bodur , third in scoring , produces 13 pts a game , and leads with Assist with almost 4 a game . O. Degertas has also an impact after the last game vs Schalke , his average is now 10 points a game .

the role players : Finn Wehberg , who is now in the Starting lineup has produced more and i believe we will see a big game from him soon , Sammy Monticciolo , has shown more on the defensive side of the ball , which is superb, Paul Schwenteck , another bigman who plays hard , he fits in on both forward and post . Yannick Franz , (STRETCH) Good Center in the middle , very active around the basket . He is starting to excel offensively , now Dunking the Ball i think we will see more !!

The Freshman : Vlad Statsevich , With minimum minutes he makes the best of it , learning in training , averaging  2pts and 2 reb a game , he doing great !  Benny Djuhera , The Sharp Shooter ! , who leads in 3points made with 6th . we set up alot of plays for him to get shots now . that how much he has worked and got better and more relaxed with his shot , and its paying off !! 

so the next Game is Today vs Dorsten at 1 pm. We will have More for ya in a few Days !