U16-2 W takes a "L" vs. Osterather but get the "W" in Mettmann

SO THE SEASON BEGINS !!! And the U16 ladies are ready to play !!! 

going 2 games into the season , Barmen started off vs Osterather and played very well considering have a alot of different players from last year  , 4players left , 4 new players are here . the first half was a pretty even game with barmen leading 29-28 at half , but then the third quarter barmen only made 3 shoots as Osterather made 21 pts and was up 49-35 and the 4th was good from the new players and the lead stayed the same with the game ending 51-68 for Osterather !! 

Faraj 20pts 

Baran 16pts  

The Game after the ladies went to Mettman and bounced back with a Big win 32-51 Barmen . 

Mettman a Big team and had all 12 players as Barmen only had 6. But the ladies played basketball !! "only words from the coach was to play together and that we are a quicker team " The ladies understood and our defense was hard for Mettman to deal with D. Bofenda gave Mettman difficulties , taking 3 steals from the inbound pass of Mettman .  The offense again played very well together with Farah Faraj getting everyone involved with 3 ast in the first half ,Asyu baran lead the team with 4 ast . the ladies started with a 6-13 first quarter and a good second quarter but mettman crept back up to be only behind by 3 18-21 . Third quarter , Farah Faraj , TAKES OVER THE GAME !!  scoring all of barmens point having a 18pt quarter , D.Bofenda ,A Baran picking up 3 ast a piece as Faraj just was going to the basket ,headfakes, shot , score , (over and over ) she was in a ZONE . the ladies seeing this had confidence and defense was strong thru out the 4th quarter only giving Mettman 14 secong half points . Barmen finishing the game 32-51 . (1-1) in the league . 

Faraj  41pts 12reb 6stls 

Bofenda  7rebs  3 stls 

Baran  4ast 6rebs  4stls 

Thumbs up to E Siozios , D Colak   (First point made in a offical Game )